Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Favourite Episodes of "Friends"

the one where everyone's teeth all fall out
the one where every independently secretly adopts and murders a horse
the one where ross and joey take turns bumming janice
the one where chandler is hunted by ring wraiths in yemen
the one where joey has a cardboard car under a sheet but it's made of spiders
the one where nicholas lyndhurst proposes to phoebe at an MK dons match
the one where that girl shaves her head at the beach and does a satanic incantation and disappears into a swirling vortex of terrifying screams and red light
the one where monica gets stang off a jellyfish and has to drink everyone's piss
the one where they sacrifice ugly naked man to a fictional moon god
the one where joey kills a greyhound, stuffs it, paints it white and lives with it
the one where joey gets his penis caught in a beehive
the one where ross finds out it was phoebe who forced him to eat a rotting crow carcass when he was a kid
the one where rachel fists tag and he wakes up and is like wtf
the one where chandler's trapped in a box and everyone shits through the hole
the one where ross brings a monkey back off holiday to fuck and eat
the one where ross and monica find loads of polaroids of naked kids in their parents' garage
the one where there's just rats everywhere
the one where monica wants phoebe to stop busking outside her classy restaurant and smashes her fingers with a hammer

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